Meet Cellfina™, an FDA approved cellulite treatment that works.


Walk down any beauty aisle and chances are you’ll spot dozens of body creams claiming to help reduce the appearance of cellulite—that dimpled, orange-peel textured skin often found on the butt and thighs of women of every age.  Now, say goodbye to those creams, and say hello to the Cellfina System, an FDA approved cellulite treatment that is proven to help refine the look of orange-peel skin on the thighs and buttocks for up to three years after only one treatment.

First, let’s talk about cellulite. For all that cellulite sounds evil, it is actually nothing more than normal fat deposits in the body.  Unfortunately, when this fat pushes against connective tissues in the skin, it causes that telltale lumpy, orange-peel texture. And although cellulite does mainly affects women, it has nothing to do with weight, and even someone who is very thin can struggle with cellulite.  But now, that struggle can be over.  

Cellfina is the only FDA-cleared procedure clinically proven to help minimize and smooth the appearance of cellulite. Unlike topical creams, which can only work on the surface of the skin, Cellfina is a minimally-invasive cellulite treatment that actually works on the underlying structural cause of cellulite itself—the connective tissue—with no negative side-effects. The procedure takes about one hour, and most people see initial results after only one treatment, and long-term results for at least three years!

If you have cellulite and are ready to see real results that last, call me today for your complimentary Cellfina consultation.  In just one hour, your cellulite can be a memory.

Posted on February 23, 2017 .