Refresh • Restore • Rejuvenate


Norah Clair Aesthetics specializes in professional skin health and aesthetic treatments, as well as whole body therapies carefully selected to help you look and feel refreshed, restored and rejuvenated. Whether you are seeking a dermal filler, ultrasound contouring, or laser resurfacing Norah Clair Aesthetics can help. Get in touch for your consultation and to learn more about our comprehensive range of professional skin treatments.


Norah's passion for aesthetic nursing combined with her clinical expertise and dedication to helping others has led her to the creation of Norah Clair Aesthetics - where women and men from all around the Washington, DC region can experience professional skin treatments, carefully selected to help them feel their most beautiful and healthy, from head to toe.


“I believe beauty springs from feeling self confident, healthy and revitalized, and that starts with choosing treatments that support you and your wellbeing.   Welcome to Norah Clair Aesthetics.” 

Norah Clair Gourlay, RN, MSN
Board Certified Nurse Practitioner