Inside the Injectables: Botox treatment for wrinkles


Chances are, you’ve heard of injectable treatments for wrinkles. Today, we are going to take a closer look at one of the most effective and reliable treatments for wrinkles available: Botox injectable.

Botox® Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) is an injectable that temporarily disrupts muscle activity, which in turn, helps minimize and improve the appearance of unwanted wrinkles on the skin.  Unlike skincare products, which can only impact the top, outermost layer of the skin and—are generally only effective on superficial lines, Botox temporarily paralyzes the muscles, which in turn—visibly disrupts the appearance of not just fine lines, but moderate to severe wrinkles, as well.

In particular, Botox treatment for wrinkles is ideal for:

·       Frown lines between the eye brows

·       Horizontal forehead furrows and lines

·       Crow’s feet

·       Etchings around the lips and mouth

As with all injectables, Botox is administered via a needle, however the treatment is generally described as feeling like a pinch on the skin. To help increase comfort at the injection site, the area can be iced to help numb the sensation, or—a topical numbing cream may be applied, as well.  Although the amount of time needed for each treatment is dependent upon the depth and size of the wrinkle itself, for most patients, the time for each injection is approximately 10 or so minutes.

After Botox is administered, you will notice visible results within several days and for some, possibly even sooner.  Results t typically lasts about four months before follow-up treatments may be required, and there is little to no down-time. In fact, you should be able to return to normal activities immediately after your appointment.

Like any treatment that involves an injection, Botox is an extremely technique-sensitive procedure that if not done correctly, can have serious consequences.  When done by a licensed, trained medical professional, the look and feel of your Botox treatment should be undetectable.  Expressions will look normal, skin will be smooth and supple, and most importantly—you will not lose the ability to make normal facial expressions. 

To find out if you are an ideal candidate for a Botox treatment, get in touch for a complimentary consultation today! 

Posted on October 7, 2016 .